Welcome to Frenchy & Preppy ! 

I’m Lucile a preppy girl from France who loves all things classy and preppy! You will find here my daily looks with a lot of navy and stripes 🙂  I also share some moments of my life, my discoveries and my travels arround the world!

10 facts about me : 

  •  I’m 20 
  • I’m a a student
  • I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter
  • I’m inspired by the New England lifestyle ( my dream is to live on the East Coast !)
  • I love travelling arround the World, for now I visited 6 different countries : England, Whales, Scotland, Germany, Spain and last but not least the United States.
  • I love drinking tea (in a pretty cup of course ! )
  • I’m addicted to Instagram and Pinterest my two favorite social medias!
  • I love every seasons and like to have a fashion theme for each one =)
  • I wear red lipstick almost everyday (even on Sunday !)
  • I love everything with stripes on it

Thank you for following along my blog and for your support !